4 Conversion Ideas For Old Dressers

Posted on Oct 30 2020 - 4:01pm by admin

Old dressers often have a lot of character and charm that people want to retain in some form, even if they no longer need to use them to store clothes. There are plenty of ways to repurpose an old dresser to meet the changing needs of a household. Entertainment centers, planter boxes, craft tables and bookshelves can all be made using a dresser.

Ideas For Old Dressers1. Entertainment Center

Depending on the size of the television and how much other equipment is involved, unique entertainment centers can be created using dressers of any size or shape. Drawers can be removed to create shelves that display video game systems, cable boxes or decorative items, or the drawers can be kept to store electronic devices, games or DVDs. For extra convenience, add caster wheels to make cleaning and moving the furniture easier.

2. Planter

Many things can be turned into planters, and dressers are no exception. The drawers can be removed and used to make window planters, placed on the ground, or hung on an interior or exterior wall. The whole dresser can be used to add height to an outdoor garden or used as a centerpiece indoors. The drawers can be pulled out to create a stair-step look, lined with plastic and filled with dirt.

3. Craft Table

Whether someone loves creating decorative pins or sewing custom purses, a dedicated workspace is helpful when it comes to staying organized and productive. Removing some of the drawers to create a space to sit can result in a small, tidy space. For more room, leave the drawers as they are and add a countertop that hangs over the back of the dresser. This can allow one or two people to sit comfortably at one end while the supplies are safely stored nearby.

4. Display Case

To make a display case, remove the drawers, add some lights and lay down a few boards to provide a level surface to place things on. Hang the drawers on the wall nearby to create matching bookshelves. If there is not enough space to display taller items, then remove one or two layers as needed to make room.

While it may take some time and effort to convert one piece of furniture into another, it is often cheaper than purchasing a new item. Deciding to put in the work to repurpose a dresser can result in a unique conversation piece that will be useful for years.