Toyota Hybrid Sales Tallied To 9.014 Million

Posted on Jun 22 2016 - 8:40pm by Tom Kenny

Toyota recently announced that its cumulative global hybrid sales through April tallied to 9.014 million. The latest million took just 9 months, and counted Lexus and Toyota vehicles from all markets dating back to the August 1997 Japanese launch of the original Prius.

Presently in the U.S. market, Toyota has an approximately 70-percent share for its hybrids against all other manufacturers.

The global market is now down to 1.85 percent from over 3 percent a couple years ago as prices of fuel and other environmentally oriented solutions have sapped customers from the hybrid space.

The deployment of Toyota hybrid cars instead of conventional vehicles of similar size and driving performance is estimated to have saved the Globe from approximately sixty-seven million tons of CO2 emissions.

Although that sales figure is impressive on its own, Toyota sales pace of hybridized vehicles is even more staggering. It took Toyota a decade to sell its 1st million hybrids, but Toyota is now selling that many hybrid vehicles in just nine months.

Toyota is hoping to have fifteen million hybrid sales under its belt by 2020, at which time the automaker plans to sell 1.5 million hybrid vehicles annually. Toyota currently markets thirty-three hybrids and one plug-in hybrid in 90 countries and regions across the globe.

More than 85,800 hybrid Toyota/Lexus cars have been sold in Australia.

With the new Toyota Corolla hybrid is coming as well, Toyota Australia marketing and sales chief, Tony Cramb, says the ten million car milestone is set to pass even in fast time.

Toyota’s hybrid vehicles are renowned for their performance, reliability, durability and uncommonly low running costs as well as their contribution to the environment and to saving precious fossil fuels’.