Tips for Finding Your Footing in the Trucking Industry

Posted on Dec 29 2020 - 11:26am by admin

The transportation industry offers many hopper bottom jobs and other opportunities for drivers to get their feet wet. However, professional driving isn’t meant for everyone. There remains plenty of room for growth, but you have to put in the time and dedication to thrive in this industry. If you’re considering becoming a hopper bottom driver, then be prepared to navigate a learning curve along the way.

Think you have what it takes to become a world-class driver who can deliver grain and bulk products across the country? Here are a few tips to give you a boost as you complete your trucking journey.

Trucking Industry

Gain Experience

Although you may want to specialize in grain transportation, you can also pick up valuable skills performing other truck jobs. For example, carrying nuclear waste is a dangerous task, which requires caution and responsibility on your part. Prove you can carry a substance of this type across long distances, and you’ll establish yourself as a seasoned driver.

While enthusiasm is important, companies will value you even more if you can show some experience through past jobs. Not everyone has the soft skills to transport grain well, so stand out from the rest by padding your resume.

Find Networks

No one ever achieves success on their own, and this is true of any truck driver. That’s great if you can find a company that’s willing to train and develop you over time, but not everyone gets this kind of luck. To increase your chances, you may want to join online networks and resources that connect you to more jobs. This can work wonders for you, especially if you’re a newer driver who doesn’t always know where to look for opportunities.

This is a competitive industry, but more experienced truck drivers can offer valuable insights and tips. If you want to get your foot in the door, reach out, and you’ll be surprised at how eager people are to share their knowledge.

Seek Hot Spots

Trucking is not created equal across all the states, which means you may have to move if you’re serious about truck driving. To remain connected with the industry, you may want to locate areas where grain production is heavy or where imports are often delivered. You’ll be doing enough driving on the job, so there’s no reason to turn your drive to work into a lengthy trek.

The path to becoming a hopper bottom driver is a long yet rewarding journey. Approach the industry with humility and determination, and you’ll be a mainstay on the road soon enough.