Revealed: The Eight Features Your Next Car Needs To Have

Posted on May 16 2016 - 1:03pm by admin

It’s no secret that today’s cars come with a variety of modern innovations. They are safer, quieter and more comfortable to drive. Plus, they also go quicker and stop faster too! Shopping around for a car is often a hard task to complete. Why? Because you just don’t know which features your next vehicle should have!

Opel InsigniaYou will no doubt have some specific needs. For example, parents might want a car that offers a large interior for growing families. Enthusiasts will want a vehicle that offers plenty of performance. And business executives will no doubt wish to have a prestige model.

Today, I’d like to share with you eight features that all prospective car owners should look out for.

  1. Electronic Dual-Zone Climate Control

It’s no secret that most of today’s cars come with air conditioning as standard. Once upon a time, it was a feature considered an expensive luxury. Nowadays, car manufacturers add it in as a standard item along with things like power windows.

There is one brilliant benefit about dual-zone climate control. And that is your front passenger has their own HVAC controls! So, you can enjoy having the ideal settings without annoying the person sitting next to you.

  1. Satellite Navigation

One thing I’ve noticed about more of today’s cars is they feature sat-nav as standard. A quick browse of vehicles on sale at the Car Deal Warehouse will reveal that fact to you as well. Satellite navigation is the 21st century’s answer to paper maps.

The main advantage of those systems is you can update them. Plus, they give voice commands to drivers. That enables them to keep their eyes on the road.

  1. Automatic Headlights

One thing that annoys me about some drivers is how they forget to put their headlights on when it gets dark! I know, it’s just because those drivers were absent-minded at the time. But, I find it annoying because it has serious safety implications. Both for them and other road users.

Automatic headlights solve that problem. They have dusk sensors that turn on the lights when it gets dark. It’s a convenient solution that also helps motorists to be safer on the road.

  1. DAB Digital Radio

Are you fed up with the crackle of FM radio stations? These days, it seems you have to park outside a transmitter to get a good reception! Many car makers have fitted amplified receivers to improve the signal. But, it doesn’t always solve the problem.

One way to tackle the problem is by having a DAB digital radio system in the car. Not only is the transmission in CD-like quality, but you’ve got more choice of stations too.

  1. Park Assist

The future of vehicle technology is moving towards automation. In a few months, we will start seeing trials of autonomous cars on the road. One automation feature you can find in today’s cars is “park assist.”

In a nutshell, park assist is a feature that makes parallel parking a dream. When enabled, the system controls the steering. All you do is take care of the brakes and throttle.

  1. 360-Degree Camera

More of today’s modern vehicles come with reversing cameras. They help us to see what’s going on at the back and limit the risk of damaging objects or injuring people. The only downside to reversing cameras is they give us a limited view.

360-degree cameras, as the name suggests, show us what’s going on all around us. They have a network of cameras and sensors to give us a panoramic view of our environments.

  1. Electric Folding Mirrors

Most of today’s cars have electric mirrors. It’s a feature where you can adjust the angle of both door mirrors from a control inside the car. But, if you park in a tight space, you’ll often have to manually fold the mirrors in to protect them.

The good news is you can buy cars that have electric folding mirrors. They fold in as soon as you get out of the vehicle and lock it.

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control

Do you spend a lot of your time on long road journeys? And do many of those journeys comprise of spending miles on the same roads? If the answer to both those questions is yes, you need adaptive cruise control!

It works in the same way as standard cruise control. You set a speed you’re happy with, and the car keeps at that speed. The “adaptive” version automatically slows you down when you approach a vehicle.