Chevrolet Cruze 2016 – Arrives In 2nd Generation

Posted on Jun 29 2015 - 7:05am by Alex Curran

Surely, the small car has achieved top sales status for the Chevy brand globally. And stateside? Last year, the Cruze placed second, moving 273,060 units to the Silverado’s 529,755. So the second-generation, 2016 Cruze needs to hit the mark if Chevy wants to continue sailing its compact car wave.


Thanks to its all new D2 front-drive architecture, the Cruze gains 0.6 inch of wheelbase and 2.7 inches of overall length, a move that does as much for the sedan’s back seat adjustments as it does for its styling. With the forthcoming 2016 Chevrolet Cruze, the automaker can safely lay its history of small-car troubles to rest. While the current car is a solid choice all around, more space and refinement should make the next generation car even better.

Designing Of Interior Side

The newest Cruze not only has in a large-scale improved interior, but it has undergone a dramatic weight loss, too. The curb weight has been lowered by a claimed 250 pounds, a remarkable figure given the Cruze’s utter lack of exotic materials. The predominantly steel body structure loses 53 pounds itself. Inside the Cruze is moving up-scale thanks to a redesigned center stack, update gauge cluster and new look steering wheel. Although difficult to discern from pictures, it looks as though the next generation Cruze will also benefit from the use of more premium interior materials. The center stack houses an all new, quick-responding seven-inch MyLink touch screen display compatible with Apple Car-Play and Android Auto phone mirroring solutions, and an 8 inch version is optional. An extra two inches of rear-seat knee room opens up the Cruze’s tight rear quarters. In fact, the back seat is now roomy enough that cracking a laptop back there and putting the Cruze’s standard 4G LTE data connection and built-in Wi-Fi hot-spot to use is something we’d actually consider trying.


In this age of comparatively cheap gasoline, we will report that the new Cruze should be slightly speedier before discussing proficiency amendments. Thank the diet as well as the turbo engine from General Motors’ latest Ecotec small-engine family. The 1.4-liter’s 153 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque is claimed to move the Cruze to 60 mph in eight seconds flat. Seeing how first generation Cruze’s we have tested were capable of such zip, we expect the new model to be slightly quicker in our testing.

Final Verdict

The Cruze may never be as patriotic a choice as something like the Silverado, but wherever it’s driven, the newest iteration will seemingly fly the flag of smart engineering. We look forward to sliding behind the wheel on American soil soon.