A Look At The Best Tech Found In Cars Today

Posted on Sep 24 2015 - 5:33pm by admin

I like cars; I like technology, so why not combine the two for this post?! I’m here to have a look at some of the coolest car tech around today:

hybrid vehicle

Hybrid Technology

Perhaps the biggest tech thing to come out of the car industry in the last decade. Hybrid technology is revolutionary and could benefit planet earth massively. It works by combining a regular fuel engine, with an electric one. The aim is that you can run your car partly on electricity, partly on fuel. This way, you’ll cut down on CO2 emissions, which are harmful to the ozone layer. For years, hybrid cars weren’t really seen as cool, they were seen as a smug car for people who wanted to show off. But now, there are some seriously cool hybrid cars, like the BMW i8, and people are paying attention. Soon, who knows, we could be seeing more hybrid cars than regular fuel cars.

Automatic Braking

Technology doesn’t just make cars cooler; it makes them safer too. Companies are always looking to develop tech that can be used in cars to make people feel safe. One of the biggest examples of this is automatic braking. The new Volkswagen Up is fitted with an automatic braking system to help stop collisions. It kicks into action when speeds are below a certain level, and is there to help with parking or tricky manoeuvres. Supposedly, there is a small infrared laser that shines out and detects nearby objects. Once it feels your car getting too close to the object, it automatically activates your brakes. Pretty impressive, and a handy bit of tech that will come in useful for a lot of people.

Parking Camera/Sensors

Staying with this theme of safety and preventing crashes, the next thing on my list is parking cameras/sensors. A lot of modern cars are fitted with parking sensors that detect where things are as you’re parking your car. When you go to park your car, the sensors will activate and emit a beeping sound. The closer you are to an object, the louder and more rapid the beeping will sound. As an add on to this, many cars are now coming with parking cameras too. This is a rearview camera that displays the scene behind your car. Ideal for people reversing out of driveways or into a tight spot.

Auto Stop/Start

This is a sweet bit of car tech that can help you save loads on fuel. It’s such a simple thing too; you flick a switch in your car, and whenever you come to a stop, the engine will turn off. Then as soon as you have to move, you put your foot down, and it revs back into life! The purpose of this is that it stops you from having your car running when you’re not going anywhere. It’s perfect in situations where you’re stuck in traffic and not moving. You waste so much fuel when stationary and your engine is still on. Now, you don’t have to worry about that and can start saving on fuel.