3 Things You Didn’t Know About Lexuses

Posted on May 17 2016 - 5:12am by admin

When it comes to luxury saloons, you’re either on team Audi or team Lexus. I hope I’m not going to lose too many of you guys when I admit I’m in the latter! For me, Lexus ranks among one of the most trustworthy badges in the world. While other brands go through ups and downs, this Japanese make has always stayed consistent on quality. Here are a few interesting things you may not have known about Lexus.

Lexus Automobile Lineup

First of all, all Lexus engines are treated with a stethoscope. That’s company policy, and not just one eccentric engineer by the way! All major cars are put through a rigorous testing procedure before they’re released. Still, the Lexus procedure is something else. Before they’re placed in a vehicle, every Lexus engine is put on a testing bench and fired up. Then, a trained technician goes through a checklist, making sure every little part of the engine is working exactly as it should be. This is an exceedingly thorough process, which involves a range of tools including the stethoscope. When the manufacturers can actually hear engine faults, it makes me pretty reassured about the car I’m getting!

Perhaps this little gimmick didn’t send you speeding towards Inchcape Lexus. In that case, you should know about the military-grade discipline of the manufacturing process. Most of Lexus’s plant staff haven’t done military service. When you see some of them being tested though, it’s easy to mistake them for special forces! Even simple procedures such as installing a hose grommet are watched sharply. During one of these tests, three managers will stand around the installer. One stands straight and gives the command in a loud, authoritative voice. The installer responds like a disciplined marine, and jumps into action. As he performs each step of the process, he calls it out exactly as you’d see it written in a text book. When he’s finished the installer stands aside, and lists everything that could go wrong if the part wasn’t installed properly.

Finally, Lexuses have responsive paint. Apparently the higher-ups are aware of their status as a luxury brand. Now that luxury is in every part of the manufacturing process. Unlike many other cars, the paint on a Lexus will look subtly different depending on the amount of sun that’s hitting it. In the painting process, every Lexus is given two base coats; the first two stages of six. Each of these base coats are made for bright or dim conditions. The first coat contains an amount of large aluminium flakes, which are better at catching the sunlight. The second coat contains a larger number of smaller flakes. These, on the other hand, are designed to achieve an attractive shine in cloudy conditions. The next time you see a Lexus next to another luxury saloon, see if you can spot the difference in the paint.

There you have just three of the interesting facts about these wonderful cars. Watch a video from one of their plants, and you’ll learn all kinds of intriguing things!