With an all-terrain track TRACK1 off-road electric board fits on various terrains

Posted on Apr 11 2018 - 1:32pm by Tom Kenny

Searching out a functional middle ground between an electric skateboard and a powersport application vehicle, Seattle’s Flux layout Co is making ready the Track 1 for tech conference calendar. This two-wheeled, one-tracked board looks as if a strange, unmanned interplanetary rover pictured on its very own, however it is sincerely designed to be manned, letting its rider accelerate over everything from smooth sand and snow to difficult dust and pavement. With removable handlebars, a swappable battery and light, high-performance substances, this board appears pretty ready for all-terrain domination.

TRACK1 Off-road Electric Board with All-terrain Track Design

The TRACK1 is a beautifully designed and high-overall performance electric board that weighs 60 pounds. As we will see from the snap shots, the electric skateboard sports activities a pretty cool, hard and rugged look layout, and the uniquely designed track not best brings practical functions, however additionally supplies alluring modern business creativity.

TRACK1 Off-road Electric Board

TRACK1 Off-road Electric Board with All-terrain Track Features

The usage of the track TRACK1 has the contact patch of a 30 inch wheel so it’s able to task diverse varieties of terrains like snow, sand, mud, gravel and extra. Meanwhile, the driving experience of the TRACK1 is much like a surfboard and snowboard. Via leaning your frame, you could effortlessly journey the eboard, and an optional handlebars are perfect for novices and advanced riders. Moreover, the electrical board is robust enough to supply a top velocity of 20mph and up to 12 mile driving variety with 18650 lithium ion cells, and it’s able to conquering steep hills.

The deck of the electrical board is crafted from carbon fiber, Kevlar and a middle cloth for a long lasting and light-weight construction, and it can provide a most load of 230 lbs. in addition, effective LED headlights allow for safe riding at night, and its brakes assist you to cope with a few emergent situations.

TRACK1 Off-road Electric Board with All-terrain Track Price

The team behind the TRACK1 is raising fund for the electric board on Indiegogo. You can pledge $1995 to preorder the eboard. It will be shipped in November 2018 if reaching the fund goal.