Boosted Boards has announced a refreshed lineup of electric skateboards

Posted on Nov 8 2018 - 1:16pm by Tom Kenny

Boosted has introduced 4 new electric powered skateboard models, each with its very own particular features and a common foundation: powered mobility. the brand new lineup is produced from Boosted third-generation boards, inclusive of the maker’s first short board. The models deliver an expansion of recent capabilities and upgrades over previous generations, and there are a handful of things to recognize earlier than buying.

The brand new product lineup is constructed from the subsequent models: Boosted Mini S, Boosted Mini X, Boosted Plus, and Boosted Stealth. The Boosted Mini S is the cheapest of the bunch at $749.95 USD, it supplying a top pace of 18MPH and quite a number 7 miles. The Boosted Mini X is similar, however with a better $999.95 USD price, a 20MPH pinnacle speed, and double the variety at 14 miles.

Boosted Plus

The Boosted Plus is the closest component to a “flagship” skateboard here; it is more or much less an up to date model of the organisation’s current dual+ longboard. It looks very comparable, store for a barely redesigned deck with a much less distinguished logo, but makes the “prolonged variety” battery Boosted added as an upload-on last year model. Boosted says the Plus will pass up to 14 miles earlier than running out of charge as a result; it really is two miles extra than the upload-on battery’s authentic rating.


Boosted Mini S

The Boosted Mini S is the new access-level option: it prices $749.95 and bumps the specs down a truthful quantity. Boosted says the Mini S can pass as much as 18mph, climb hills with a 20-percen grade, and use 3 different journey modes. The company says it’s going to most effective get up to 7 miles on a charge, even though, which is set the variety of a dual+ with out an prolonged battery pack.

Boosted Stealth

The new Boosted Stealth, meanwhile, is a minor performance upgrade on the Plus. It adds a fifth “Hyper” riding mode that increases the board’s max speed to 24mph and comes in an all-black finish. It’s even pricier, though, at $1,599.

Boosted Mini X

The Mini X, like the Stealth, is a performance bump at a higher price. It’s designed the same as the Mini S, but it pops on the extended range battery to go up to 14 miles on a charge and reaches up to 20 miles per hour. It is a tad heavier, though, at around 16.8 pounds. It will go for $999.95, which, combined with its smaller size but not-super-downgraded specs, could make the Mini X the most well-rounded option here.